Golf Vacations – Breaking Through your Plateau

You been playing the glorious game of golf for long enough to get your handicap down under the 20 mark and you’ve had lessons to improve your weight distribution. You were on a roll but the bus has come to a standstill, you have reached a plateau and you cannot see the woods for the Tiger!

What next? Buy a new driver? Buy a new putter to add to the 3 that you have already got? Think outside the box for one second – what about playing a totally new course in a different country?

What about booking a golf vacation to get over the distress?

Yeah – great idea BUT what about selling the idea to the wife? You know she is going to ask about the cost.

Here is your answer:

A golf vacation package is designed to combine playing golf with relaxation in a comfortable environment that offers all sorts of amenities other than golf. None golf playing family members will also enjoy such a holiday as many resorts have all the functions that you would expect to see on a regular vacation.

You can choose from specialist vacations that have beach facilities to all inclusive vacations to resorts that cater for sports enthusiasts. The choices are amazing! The only thing that you to decide on are you constraints from a financial perspective. PERFECT.

Forward wind. You come back from your vacation totally relaxed having forgotten the office for 2, possibly 3 weeks if you are lucky and you go out on to your regular course. Bingo – your plateau is broken and it has been a win win story line.

The only thing that is stopping you is venturing out in to something you have not done before but you have to get out of your comfort zone some time or other in your life.

Carry on doing the same thing and expecting the same results is insanity in my book. So get out of your comfort zone and, you never know, it might stop you from going insane. From a golfing perspective of course.

All you have to do now is sell it to the wife – go on – you know that you want to. Don’t you!