Reasons To Go for A Vacation in Murcia

The province of Murcia is located in the south of Spain just below the province of Alicante. There are many reasons to visit this province of your vacation including the wonderful cities of Cartagena, the city of Murcia, and the city of Mazarrón. Murcia City has an all-year-round climate of about 19 degrees and this means it is never too hot or cold. It is also known as the agricultural heartland of Spain. The heat, during the summer months, is typically mild and the same applies for the winter season. This means that there are several sports that you can enjoy for example golf, sailing, hiking, cycling and windsurfing. The weather makes this city very popular for villa holidays and affordable vacations.

The building development in this city has improved drastically this place have a well organized water systems suited to tourist’s likes. This has resulted to the city being a centre of attraction for the British. There have been 16 new golf resorts built and these include La Torre Golf Resort, Polaris World’s Mar Menor Golf Resort and Hacienda Riquelme; to mention but a few. There are also family resorts for example United Golf La Tercia. This shows that the city has very many good places for golf. This has made the city more popular, enough to have tournaments held there. There are many 9-hole as well as 18-hole golf courses. The other reason why you should have a vacation in this city is the affordable villas. In comparison to other hotels and villas in other cities, Murcia is relatively cheaper. For a typical villa outside this city, it would cost you 1800 pounds but in Murcia, you will spend between 800-900 pounds per week.

The city also has great family beaches and they are always clean. At the heart of Murcia province, there is Sierra Espuna which is a wilderness. It attracts nature enthusiasts and hiker increasing the number of tourists. The infrastructure and transport system in this city is good. This includes the roads from the airport, the train and public transportation system. The city has several festivals and events celebrated with the tourists.